Angie Bowie Intereviews Jimi LaLumia

Angie Bowie -- yes, THAT Angie Bowie! -- chats with Jimi about Max's Kansas City, the early days of punk, and much more...'

Max's Kansas City

The official site of the '70's legendary stomping ground, where members of the Psychotic Frogs spent many hazy nights on and off stage.

Cherry Vanilla

A site dedicated to the ground breaking diva who transversed the glitter/glam/punk/new wave universe,and also appears on the LaLumia single and CD mentioned above.

Winged Disk

Home of Under the Volcano fanzine publisher Rich Black's record label, Winged Disk, which releases music from Long Island artists. The Psychotic Frogs' "Death to Disco" and Thunders tracks were on Winged Disk's Something In the Water: The Secret History of Long Island Punk.